Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Printer error message: Change paper size or type...

If the first floor printers are throwing an error message prompting you to change the size or type of paper before printing a document that's been released, check the Settings - Paper Menu - Paper Size/Type menu and make sure Letter and Plain Paper are selected for the tray listed in the error message.

A recent ticket to MIS revealed that this setting can be accidentally changed by students--and, luckily, easily changed back. 


GPA Calculator

The end of the semester sometimes brings students to us who are trying to model their GPA and grades they need to earn for future semesters. This calculator is very simple and straightforward to use: http://gpacalculator.net/college-gpa-calculator/ 

There are also links to GPA calculators on the Student Services - First Year Experience page on the RVCC website, but in my opinion they aren't as user friendly: http://www.raritanval.edu/studentserv/fye/planningguide/support.html?terms=gpa%20calculator