Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Google A Day

I just discovered that if you don't enter any search terms in Google and put your mouse over the I'm feeling lucky button, it swivels like a slot machine and turns up several options, like "I'm feeling hungry" (results are restaurants), "I'm feeling curious" (gives an interesting fact), and several more. "I'm feeling puzzled" brought me to A Google A Day, which gives you a question and then you are supposed to use Google to find the answer. Check it out I don't know exactly how it could be used yet but it seems like a really interesting way to engage students with Google!


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

From Apple Pages to Word

A student just showed me how to send a document from Mac's Pages program to an email as a Word document. When in the Pages document, there is a "share" button. You can select to send it as an email, and then from the dialog box that appears, you can select "Word" for the type of document that is sent.

New York Times paywall

Observer has an article describing ways to get around the New York Times paywall, if ever a student is looking for an article.

We also have New York Times in a Proquest database with no embargo so articles published in the print "late edition" can be found there, and NYT Historical database goes all the way back to 1923.