Wednesday, June 18, 2008

YouTube videos for instruction

Below are some links to videos on YouTube that offer instruction for information literacy related topics. I will continue to add posts with more links like these as I find more videos and instruction tools. You'll notice the labels for this post - future posts will use the same labels so you will be able to search for all posts related to these topics.

Research Minutes - Cornell U. - this is the video I have used. (0:90)

Scholarly vs. Popular Journals - University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (3:09)

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals - Vanderbilt University (3:11)

How to search JSTOR - posted by JSTORSupport - how to search for articles and print or download them - a bit slow moving. (3:49)

How to browse JSTOR - posted by JSTORSupport - demonstrates how to find a known article in JSTOR when you have an article citation or journal name. (2:39)


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