Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The New Invisible Web

In this article in School Library Journal, Joyce Valenza recommends a number of search engines to get to what she calls, the "new" invisible web: blogs, wikis, and other web2.0 areas that might get lost in the Google shuffle. Some suggestions:


Google Wiki Search
IPL Blogs

The new search engine Zuula that Nan discussed earlier also searches many of these less common areas of the internet.

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Nan said...

I have thrown my allegiance to Browsys Advanced Finder (http://browsys.com/finder/index.php). It provides “one-stop-shopping” access to most of the major search engines and many specialty search engines WITHOUT HAVING TO RETYPE THE QUERY. I am certain there are treasurers in the SCHOLARLY search engines that I have yet to appreciate…

I placed it on the toolbar for all to peruse. Tell me what you think.

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