Tuesday, September 22, 2009

DOI's and URL's in APA

Wow that's a lot of acronyms!

If you're following any academic library listserv, you've seen a lot of discussion and frustration regarding the APA 6th edition's treatment of electronic articles, DOI's, URL's and the like. A recent post to ILI-L linked to the APA Style Blog, which I plan on adding to my Google Reader. Today's post provides a flowchart (I kid you not, this is what citation has come to!!) for when to use a DOI and/or URL. I haven't pored over it, but it will probably be a useful resource to have on hand at some point.
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Nan said...

I just noticed that EBSCO is still using the 5th edition, (but does make reference to the APA website.) Should we mention this to students?

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