Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reading Case Citations Reminder

There is a paralegal assignment floating about which requires the students to find a case and then brief it. The student I helped did not know how to read the case citation he was given, so in case you have this problem with other students, here's a reminder:

308 N.J. Super. 59 (App. Div.)

The first number (308) is the volume number.

The N.J. Super tells you which set of reporters to look in.
  • N.J. Super. = New Jersey Superior Court Reporters (green books)
  • N.J. = New Jersey Reports (Supreme court reporters, beige)
  • U.S. = U.S. Supreme Court reporters (black)

The second number is the page number on which the case can be found. (The stuff in parenthesis is unimportant when looking up the case.)

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