Monday, March 22, 2010

Sociology assignment - 2 online articles, 1 print

There is a Sociology assignment from Gayle Livecchia that requires students to find 3 sociology journal articles written by authors from a specific list. There are about 30 names on the list and no other requirements as far as topic, except that they must be research articles, not book reviews or commentary.

Finding the two "online" articles is fine - the students just need to be shown which databases to use and how to search for an Author.

The print article - which is referred to in the assignment as from an "on-site" journal - is more difficult.

We have two sociology journals in the bound collection on the 2nd floor:
Social Problems
Social Science Quarterly

Both of these are indexed in Proquest Research Library. I sat with these two students and searched Proquest for either journal and then the Author's name. And let me tell you - there's not much! I only searched Proquest Research Library for citations, so there may be others, but I'll provide you with the citations for the ones I found. It's probably easier to give the students these citations and have them find the articles in the bound journals than try to teach them to do all this searching. It's very frustrating and not very productive, in my opinion.

Daniel T Lichter, Deborah Roempke Graefe, and J Brian Brown. "Is marriage a panacea? Union formation among economically disadvantaged unwed mothers. " Social Problems 50.1 (2003): 60.

Daniel T Lichter, J Brian Brown, Zhenchao Qian, and Julie H Carmalt. "Marital Assimilation Among Hispanics: Evidence of Declining Cultural and Economic Incorporation?*. " Social Science Quarterly 88.3 (2007): 745-765.

Daniel T Lichter, Zhenchao Qian, and Martha L Crowley. "Child Poverty Among Racial Minorities and Immigrants: Explaining Trends and Differentials*. " Social Science Quarterly : A Special Issue: Income, Poverty, and Opportunity 86.(2005): 1037-1059

Edward M Crenshaw, and Kristopher K Robison. "Globalization and the Digital Divide: The Roles of Structural Conduciveness and Global Connection in Internet Diffusion*. " Social Science Quarterly 87.1 (2006): 190-207.

Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez, Edward M Crenshaw, and J Craig Jenkins. "Deforestation and the environmental Kuznets curve: A cross-national investigation of intervening mechanisms. " Social Science Quarterly 83.1 (2002): 226-243.

I'm also going to contact Gayle and see if she will let the author requirement go for the print articles. It would probably be more efficient for the students to simply browse the journals and select an article by any author.

Comment if you have other suggestions!

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