Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WebStudy Login Instructions

Instructions for logging in to WebStudy are available at http://www.raritanval.edu/academics/distlearn/LogIn1stTime.html, which can be navigated to from the Academics link on the top of the college homepage, then select Distance Learning from the menu on the left, then Logging in for the First Time from the sub-menu on the left.

If a student does not know his/her WebStudy password, he/she can contact WebStudy support at 888-326-4058 and have the password reset.  This can be done even if the student has never logged in before.

There is a link for WebStudy from a student's Lion's Den.  However, the login page for WebStudy can also be accessed directly at http://rvcc.webstudy.com. Although students should ensure that their Lion's Den login works properly, they do not have to run in circles to MIS if they only need to access WebStudy. 

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