Monday, May 11, 2015

Using Libguides for Interactive Instruction

This is a great 10 minute presentation about how you can embed free online tools into a libguide to create an interactive guide that can be used during a class session.

She describes using Wordle (not as impressive), Google Forms, and Padlet for student interaction. I'm particularly interested in how she used a Google Form that generates an automatic email so that students could basically create their research guide and email it to themselves. For example, if our English Comp I handout were recreated as a Google Form, it could be embedded in a libguide, the students could fill it out throughout the session, and then it could be emailed to them at the end.

I'm definitely going to play around with this. If you try it and are successful, let us all know! Or if you can think of other tools that can be embedded in a libguide to make a class session more interactive for students, please share!

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